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studies on China's special economic zones (No.4)
07.11.2012  Views:1561   Author:Yuan Yiming 



Exclusive Interview.. 2

Justin Yifu Lin’s responses to the 4 interview questions by the Shenzhen SEZ Magazine: 2

Africa- East Asia Experience Exchange. 6

on Special Economic Zones & Competitive Clusters 6

The History, Present and Future of China’s Special Economic Zones 8

Theoretical Study. 14

A Theoretical Study of Economic Growth in Shenzhen. 14

General Analysis. 51

Essentials of China’s Special Economic Zones 51

Special Economic Zones and China’s Road. 72

Shenzhen: New Origin. 84

Industry Study and Others. 96

What Creates the Shenzhen Industrial Miracle?. 96

China’s Two Powerful Growth Engines: Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Industrial Clusters– How do They Drive China’s Rapid Development?. 110

Research On Social Pension Insurance Financing Model In Shenzhen Thirty Years ReformsTesting on “Allen Condition. 167


On Rebuilding Development Mechanism of Social Programs---Taking the Reform of Shenzhen’s Public Institutions for Example. 151

Influence of asset specificity to the industry transformation in Shenzhen            Jialong GU   Jia YU

Review and  lessons. 224

Textual Research Of Formation And Development Background Of The Shenzhen Securities Market  224

Historical Legacy: Memoirs of Special Economic Zones  Opening up a New Road through a Bumpy Journey  263

政権交代期における地方分権と行財政改革.. 273

Viewpoints Summarizing. 283

Overview of South-South Experience Exchange between East Asia and Africa on Special Economic Zones and Competitive Clusters in China. 283

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