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Gao Xingmin
11.21.2012  Views:972  

Gao Xingmin, professor, PhD supervisor

Has been devoting himself to studies on political economics, social security and studies on economic system of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

His academic books include: 鈥淩esearch on social security system in Shenzhen鈥 (2008), 鈥淚nstitutions鈥 (2003), 鈥淭heory and practice of China鈥檚 economy and technology development areas鈥 (1996), 鈥淭heory exploring in market economy in socialist countries鈥 锛1997锛夛紝and 鈥淪tudy on market economy in socialist countries鈥 (1995).
    He has published 46 academic papers, among which over 30 papers are published in journals like 鈥淛ournal of World Economy鈥, 鈥淛ournal of Economic Management鈥, 鈥淛ournal of contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies鈥, Review of Economic Research鈥, 鈥淢odern Economic Research鈥 鈥淩esearch on Financial and Economic Issues鈥 鈥淪tudy鈥 and 鈥淪tudy & Exploration鈥, and over 10 papers are reprinted by Renmin University鈥檚 Photocopy Press. He has undertaken some research programs including one sponsored by nation鈥檚 Social Science Foundation, namely 鈥淪tudy on Social Rescue system for Troubled Workers in SOEs鈥.
    Main research projects include: 鈥淏uild up social remedy system for needy workers in SOEs鈥 锛98BJL020锛, 鈥淲TO and SEC economy development鈥, 鈥淪tudy on expanding domestic demand in Heilongjiang province鈥, 鈥淩easons and countermeasures on notion reform lagging in Ha鈥檈rbin鈥, 鈥淪tudy on social security system in Shenzhen鈥, and 鈥淪tudy on accelerating the economy and society informatization process and promoting development of high-tech enterprises鈥. 

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