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Zhong Ruoyu
11.21.2012  Views:1145  

Zhong Ruoyu, Professor, PhD in Economics



  Zhong Ruoyu, professor of China Center for Special Economic Zone Research, Shenzhen University, P.R.C., Ph.D. in economics, also the director of Shenzhen Association of Applied Economics. 

Main research areas are economics of population and natural resources. Principal investigator or director of several research projects.



He teaches the course the classics Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith for the college students, the course Economic Analysis on Population and Natural Resources and the course Foundations of Economic Analysis for the graduate students in Shenzhen University.


His academic book The Resource Productivity of China: A Study on the Basis of Material Flow Analysis, was published in 2009, China Economic Publishing House.


Some papers relative included as below:

1. Zhong Ruoyu. Study on China鈥檚 Resource Productivity and Total Factor Productivity, Economic Perspectives, 2010(7), pp.28-33.

2. Zhong Ruoyu. Resource Productivity and Sustainable Development in the EU-15 Countries:Study and Comparison Based on Material Flow Analysis, Chinese Journal of European Studies, 2010(4),pp.56-70.

3. Zhong Ruoyu. Study on the Value and Efficiency of Natural Resources, Journal of Seeker, 2008(5).

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