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Li Fan
03.08.2017  Views:4446  


      Associate Professor
      China Center for Special Economic Zone Research
      Shenzhen University
      Phone: (86) 755 2653-0621

Professional Experience 
2014-present   Associate Professor, China Center for Special Economic Zone Research, Shenzhen University

2014      Ph.D.     Economics, University of Florida
2011      M.A.      Economics, University of Florida
2010      M.A.      Geography, University of Florida
2009      M.A       Industrial Economics, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China
2007      B.E.        Electrical Engineering, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Research Fields
Industrial Organization, Information Economics, Applied Econometrics

1. Fan Li, Zelong Yi, “Trial or No Trial: Supplying Costly Signals to Improve Profits”, Decision Sciences, 2016, forthcoming. 
2. Fan Li, Zelong Yi, “A New Software Reliability Growth Model: Multi-Generation Faults and a Power-Law Testing Effort Function”, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016, forthcoming. 
3. Fan Li, Michelle Phillips, “The Influence of the Regulatory Environment on Chinese Urban Water Utilities”, Water Resources Management, 2017, 31(1).
4. Fan Li, Zelong Yi, “Counterfeiting and Piracy in Supply Chain Management: Theoretical Studies”, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 2017, 32(1). 
5. Fan Li, Wei Wang, Luis Hernado Gutierrez Ramirez, “The Determinants of Two-dimensional Service Quality in the Drinking Water Sector–Evidence from Colombia” , Water Policy, 2016, 18(4). 
6. Thomas Knight, Fan Li, Lindsey Woodworth, “It's My Party and I'll Vote How I Want to: Experimental Evidence of Directional Voting in Two-Candidate Elections”, Eastern Economic Journal, 2015.
7. Yitao Tao, Fan Li, “The Change of Central Government Policy towards Hong Kong”,Reform Reference, 2015 (in Chinese).
8. Qilin Su, Fan Li, Huan Wang, “Review of Political Support in the Creative Industries”,  Economics Perspectives, 2008 (in Chinese).
9. Qilin Su, Dan Chen, Fan Li, “The Creative Economy: Concepts, Properties and Policy Design”, China Industrial Economics, 2007 (in Chinese).

Seminar and Conference Presentations
1. International Workshop on Innovation and Industrial Economics, Nanjing University, China, 2016
2. Economic Seminar, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, 2014
3. Midwest Economic Theory Meetings, Michigan State University in Lansing, MI, 2013
4. Southern Economic Association Conference, Tampa, FL, 2013
5. Economic Seminar, University of Florida, 2013
6. Singapore Economic Review Conference, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, 2013

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