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The Development of Special Economic Zone and its Role in Participating One Belt and One Road --- 2014 China鈥檚 Special Economic Zone Forum
12.17.2014  Views:7432   Author:ccsezr 

2014 China鈥檚 Special Economic Zone Forum: A Symposium on Comparison of Special Economic Zones, held by China Center for Special Economic Zone Research, took place in Shenzhen University from November 21th to 23rd, 2014. The Forum, which brought together government officials, academics and expects from India, Russia, United States, Vienna, Indonesia and China, encouraged discussions, exchanged and shared of views on topics such as functions of special economic zone, its new role in participating 鈥渙ne belt and one road鈥 project and its international promotion.

The aim of this Forum was to provide a platform for academic exchanges between China and the other countries, share the experience of Shenzhen, and explore the role of think tanks in boosting development of special economic zone.


Li Qingquan, President of Shenzhen University

Host: Tao Yitao, Vice Secretary of Party Committee; Director of China Center for Special Economic Zone Research, Shenzhen University

Zhang Xiaoru, Chair of Shenzhen Social Science Association

Chen Shaobin, Vice Director, Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences

Vladimir Portyakov, Vice Director of Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

Le Zheng, Director of Policy Research Office, Shenzhen

Zeng Zhihua, Senior Economist of World Bank

Wuzhong, Researcher and Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department, Shenzhen

Glushakov Igor, Assistance of Presidential Vice Plenipotentiary Envoy in Southern Federal District, Russia

Aradhna Aggarwal, Director of Policy Research Center, Wadhwani Foundation, India

Nan Ling, Deputy Secretary General of the Government, Director of Development and Research Center, Shenzhen, China

Tan Gang, Vice Director of Shenzhen Administration Institute, China

Lan Zhizhen, Vice Mayor of Jixi, Heilongjiang

Sun Yuanxin, Vice Director, Institute of Free Trade Zone, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Wang Jinxia, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry, Qianhai, Shenzhen

Zhou Zhaoxiang, Deputy Commander of The Headquarter, Aiding to Xinjiang Construction from Shenzhen, Economic Development Zone, Kashgar

Doan Van Chinh, Party Secretary, Yun Tun County, Vietnam

Fang Haofan, Development of Economic Zone and Political Analysis in North Korea

Shen Wangen, Director of Research Center for Nation Theory and Practice, Yanbian University

Jona Widhagdo Putri, Faculty of Social of Political Science Universitas Indonesia

Host of Closing Ceremony: Li Fengliang, Vice President of Shenzhen University, Director of Institute for Cultural Industry, Shenzhen Universtiy

Invited Session 1: Construction of Special Economic Zone

Invited Session 2: Special Economic Zone and International Promotion of China Practice

Invited Session 3: Special Economic Zone and China Reform

Invited Session 4: Challenge and Opportunity of Special Economic Zone

Invited Session 5: Special Economic Zone and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

Invited Session 6: Special Economic Zone and Development

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