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Prof. Tao Yitao Attends the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016
11.10.2016  Views:713  

On the morning of October 19, Prof. Tao Yitao attended the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 by invitation and delivered a speech as an author representative at the China Dream and China's Development Path Studies Book (English edition) Launch co-sponsored by the Social Sciences Academic Press (SSAP) and the Springer Nature. Prof. Tao is vice secretary of CPC Committee of Shenzhen University (SZU), secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of SZU and director of the China Center for Special Economic Zone Research (CCSEZR)鈥昦 key research institute of humanities and social science of the Ministry of Education of China. Prof. Tao Yitao said it was their honor that the book of her team - Special Economic Zones and China's Path - was selected for the Frankfurt Book Fair. China has made remarkable achievements during the period of nearly 40 years of the reform and opening-up. Our book is intended to provide the most relevant and objective historical materials and cases to experts and scholars who want to know about the course of reform and opening-up of China, are concerned about the social system changes and path choices of China, understand the role and significance of special economic zones (SEZs) to the reform and opening-up of China and study the essential meaning of China's path. Prof. Tao Yitao also pointed out that a book is a carrier of culture, thoughts and wisdom which are passed down through the generations. Economic globalization is a process of cultural exchange, convergence, recognition and tolerance between countries rather than one involving only international division of labor and cooperation, barter and currency exchange. It can be said that it was cultural tolerance, understanding and recognition that gave birth to the Euro, the European Union, the G20 and even the United Nations because culture and economy are inseparable twins.

Culture cannot change the society directly but it can change people who can change the society in turn. The development of human society is a process of conceptual changes due to influence from other cultures. The future society must be a melting pot of cultures with knowledge and wisdom shared with each other where books play the role of a beautiful yet rational and prudent messenger. From this point of view, a book fair is a platform for free exchange, collision and sparkling of ideas as well as an access to the brilliant thinking where we can get a glimpse into human civilizations and enrich our inner world.

I have spent nearly 20 years in studying the issues of SEZs and had books centering on such issues published abroad. Special economic zones are the starting point of social system changes in China and constitute an integral part of China's path. It is essential to study the SEZs in China in order to understand the reform and opening-up, explain the economic miracle and explore the essential meaning of China's path. The success of China's reform and opening-up policy proves that there is another feasible and correct path that is China's path. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As for the development path, we can learn from the experience of others and develop a best suitable one that may lead us to success.


Prof. Tao Yitao delivers a speech at the Frankfurt Book Launch.

Prof. Tao Yitao attends the Frankfurt Book Fair. 

Prof. Tao Yitao together with Mr. Xie Shouguang, president of SSAP and Mr. Heinz Weinheimer, managing director of the Springer Group, Inc.


Prof. Tao Yitao and scholars from Prague at a panel discussion

 Prof. Tao Yitao visits the University of Prague.


Prof. Tao Yitao visits the Confucius Institute of Leiden University.


Prof. Tao Yitao visits Leiden University.

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