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Prof. Tao Yitao Attends Launching Ceremony of
12.08.2016  Views:570   Author:ccsezr 

On the morning of November 22, 2016, the launching ceremony of was held at Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. Li Xiaogan, member of the standing committee and director of Publicity Department, CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, attended the launching ceremony at which Prof. Tao Yitao, vice secretary of CPC Committee of Shenzhen University (SZU), secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of SZU, director of the China Center for Special Economic Zone Research (CCSEZR) and academic leader of theoretical economics of SZU, delivered a speech as a representative of the Shenzhen scholars. Prof. Tao denoted that the launch of is a landmark event in Shenzhen social science circle. Thanks to, the network enables thoughts to fly with the wings of technologies, and in turn, makes technologies more profound with a wealth of thoughts. A fast, sensitive and far-reaching network will allow thoughts and wisdom to spread more widely, and provides a real exchange platform to further promote ideological innovation and revolution. She believed that would become another "business card" of Shenzhen again as a pioneer in reform, a more open space for Shenzhen to continue to lead an ideological revolution, an ideological front for further innovation, and moreover, a sky to let thoughts fly freely, as a quote by Rabindranath Tagore: "I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight."

In fact, Shenzhen is never a cultural desert, because over the past 38 years since the Reform and Opening-up, it has been a birthplace of Chinese miracles, any of which is more than material. There will be no miracle without the idea to create them, because 鈥渟uccess depends on forethought and destroyed for lack of thought鈥. It is the power of thoughts that shapes the moral character of Shenzhen and even endows this city with inexhaustible vitality and charm.

She considered as not only a platform for academic exchanges, but a platform where ideas, thoughts and wisdom strike intellectual sparks and provoke inspiration. It is like the philosophy that seeks not only to describe the world, but to change it. The powerful and valuable  thoughts will not only change the world for people, but also provide the behavioral basis for and direction to embracing a better society, including the notions and choices beyond the current cognitive ability of people. In this sense, will provide supports of new and pioneering thoughts and wisdom for the deepening reform, economy transition from an outward-oriented one to an open one, shift from an opening-up policy to an opening-up regime, effective implementation of "One Belt, One Road" initiative and building a moderately prosperous society in China. This reflects the academic traditions and natural endowments inherent in Shenzhen, a young and vigorous city.

She ended her speech quoting a hymn to the motherland by Rabindranath Tagore that "Let the earth and the water, the air and the fruits of my country be sweet; let the homes and marts, the forests and fields of my country be full; let the promises and hopes, the deeds and words of my country be true; let the lives and hearts of the sons and daughters of my country be one." This may be why we change to leverage the power of thoughts to make a world of difference instead of describing it.  

She hoped that will truly reflect the social responsibilities of Shenzhen scholars and the voice of the time they bring., a social science theory website co-built by the Publicity Department of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the social science theory circle in Shenzhen according to the requirements in Shenzhen Cultural Innovation and Development in 2020 (Implementation Plan), is a brand new portal platform allowing the theory circles, academic circles and cultural circles to exchange, share and exhibit information and achievements so as to further boost the cultural soft power of Shenzhen. The CCSEZR, a key research institute of humanities and social science of the Ministry of Education of China and a key theoretical front for the social science circle in Shenzhen, will take an active part in building and sharing of and make contributions to the ideological and academic prosperity with its wisdom and efforts.  


Prof. Tao Yitao addressing a speech at the ceremony as a representative of the Shenzhen scholars

Prof. Tao Yitao, Li Xiaogan (fourth from left), member of the standing committee and director of Publicity Department, CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and others at the launching ceremony of

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